Collection of Cover Art for Parcast Network (2016 - Present)

Parcast is known for some of the most popular crime-related and historic podcasts on iTunes such as Unsolved Murders, Cults, Conspiracy Theories, and more.
I began creating cover artwork for Parcast in mid 2016.
They lead some of the most popular crime-related podcasts on iTunes with over 80 million downloads since its founding in 2016. 

Here is a collection of all the final covers I've created in the past couple years with them. It is always a fun and collaborative project working with these amazing podcast makers. Whether it is a supernatural or crime-related podcast, the artwork always stays true to the network theme. 

Available on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotify, & Stitcher.  

Client: Max Cutler, Parcast Network
Art Direction: Max Cutler & Kristina Zlatanov
Role: Cover Artist & Designer