Parcast Network leads some of the most popular crime-related podcasts with over 80 million downloads on iTunes since its founding in 2016. Parcast is now owned and distributed by Spotify.
Here is a compilation of covers I have designed for them since the founder (an old friend of mine) approached me in 2016. Always a fun and collaborative project, whether it is a supernatural or crime-related podcast, the artwork always stays true to their overall theme and brand.

The cover artwork features lots of photoshop compositing, type treatments, and gritty textures to bring about the dark undertones and ambiance of each podcast series' topic. 

Final cover art for 'Traitors'

Process shot of 'Traitors' cover art- I actually printed and shredded the paper to get a real torn up texture.

First cover I designed for Parcast in April 2016

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